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Get to Know Us!

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Director Mark Lim

Mark Lim is a professional trainer and counsellor with more than 20 years of experience in the education and youth sector. As a lecturer in the local polytechnic and a teacher in a leading secondary school, Mark was nominated for, and received awards related to the development of curriculum and the teaching of life skills such as understanding relationships, applied social psychology and critical thinking.

Mark has a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling and a Certificate of Professional Practice in Special Needs, and his work in the youth sector included leading and mentoring young people in the community as well as organising youth camps and other large-scale events. He is currently involved in family life work as a marriage mentor and counsellor, and he conducts parenting and mentoring programmes for various educational organisations as well as counselling for persons with special needs. Mark was a special needs consultant with the Ministry of Education and local drama company I Theatre.

Mark regularly conducts workshops for various schools and workplaces on topics such as Special Needs, Peer Support, Mental Wellness, Marriage & Parenting, Sexuality Education, Cyber Wellness & Gaming Addiction.

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Principal Consultant

Sue Lim

Sue Lim is an experienced teacher and counsellor with more than 20 years in the field of education. She obtained her Post-Graduate Diploma with the Ministry of Education and spent many years teaching English to gifted students at a top primary school in Singapore. She co-authored the book Fly with English: A Teacher’s Guide. Sue then obtained a Masters in Pastoral Counselling, and worked as an Allied Educator in the area of counselling.

Sue has been a mentor to many young people. A seasoned trainer, Sue has taught teachers in the Gifted Education Programme and trainee teachers from the National Institute of Education in the area of special needs.  Sue also worked as an external teacher and a tutor for children with special needs as well as a special needs consultant with the Ministry of Education. Sue is skilled in the Yoshimoto Orton-Gillingham Approach and is certified to teach students with dyslexia. She currently mentors parents in the homeschooling community on matters pertaining to social-emotional support.

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Advisor George Ong

An ex-senior banker specialising in corporate and structured finance, George now runs several businesses and is a private-equity investor focusing on building people and businesses.


He is also passionate about serving the right causes and availing opportunities to those with a can-do attitude. He studied in Singapore as an ASEAN Scholar, and was on the Dean's List for consecutive years. 

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